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Compassion Challenge

Join our tribe in an exploration of compassion, self-acceptance, and true love for yourself. 

  • Meet Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Kittell (Registered Yoga Teacher 500 and Level III Reiki Teacher) is an Idaho native, outdoor adventurer and a bright white light.


    She created Yoga Inbody and the Compassion Challenge so people could experience the beauty of life and connect to their own unique and divine center in fun, supportive environments and communities. 


    She has been a professional river guide for over 10 years, traveled around world and taught yoga to more first timers than it is possible to count. 


    She believes everything happens for a reason and provides a grounding presence and stability during times of uncertainty. Elizabeth expands love and light and is known for her healing touch and strong presence.



  • "Everything starts with space. We hold space so you can be open to receive exactly what you need."

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Challenge Starts December 27

  • Compassion Challenge Tribe

    Join Elizabeth and a tribe of like-minded people who will guide and support you on your journey to healing emotional wounds and cultivating compassion for yourself, your body and others. We are kicking off 2019 with the energy of the heart. 

  • Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice 

    Integrate and explore the principles of compassion with yourself and your body during guided mediations and yoga practice, delivered directly to your email every day. Every body type, personality type and age of person is welcome.  We are so much more than our bodies. 

  • Sharing the LOVE with LIVE Videos and Exercises 

    Elizabeth will guide you through a journey of discovering who you are under the weight of expectations, pressure, and busy-ness. Spend 5 weeks getting to know and heal yourself as you move away from self-judgement and criticism and into compassion and love for yourself and your body. Learn how to feel light in your body no matter what you weigh.  

The entire experience was a truly physically, emotionally, and spiritually healing and energizing. I have felt more open, more settled, more accepting and at peace with myself and who I am since I returned home from Idaho. Plus it was incredible to go on a 7 day retreat with my mom. 


Chakra InBody Retreat 

Washington, DC 

A wonderful experience. I am very new to Yoga and throughout the entire retreat I felt totally supported, loved and valued. I made new friends, learned about myself and practiced Yoga on the deck listening to the wonderful Salmon River. I came home with the tools I have been searching for. My life will be forever richer and fuller because of this experience. Thank you Elizabeth!


Peaceful Power Retreat 

Boise, ID 

Elizabeth is not only about the sweetest person you are ever going to meet, she walks the walks! She lives Yoga, she lives Reiki. She is 'practice what you preach' personified! She's fun and it shows in all she teaches. But more importantly, she is very knowledgable in what she teaches. I love her!


Reiki Teacher 

Cuzco, Peru  

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