Compassion Challenge Retreat June 10-13

Join this outdoor group retreat on the Salmon River for yoga, meditation, spiritual healing, organic food and fun!

Yoga classes will be held on the lawn overlooking the river. Walk to the river or labyrinth. 

Enjoy workshops and free time on a private white sand beach. 

Most sleeping accommodations are private. You can stay in one of these custom themed trailers, main house rooms or in the group bungalow.

Guided meditations and peaceful yoga classes to nourish your mind, body and soul. 

Open your heart to Compassionate Healing

Dive deep into your body and gain unshakable trust in your journey.

  • Energizing Morning Yoga Classes

    Practice yoga with Elizabeth & Jon on the banks of the Salmon River and receive adjustments and modifications you need to feel good in your body. 

  • Transformative Workshops

    Each day we will have a special workshop that allows you to break through limitations and learn new tools. These interactive experiences include laughter! 

  • Labyrinth Meditation Walks

    Connect to your highest Self and open to receive the guidance you desire with labyrinth meditations.  This beautiful space overlooks the Salmon River.  

  • Mantra Meditation & Spiritual Development

    Learn about vibrations and connect to sacred sound in a peaceful group environment.  Use your compassion tools and build energy shields to help you in stressful environments.  

  • Delicious Organic Vegetarian Meals

    Students rave about our menu! It is fresh and satisfying for your eyes and body. Imagine colorful creations that touch all of your taste buds and fill you up.  

  • Free Time For Relaxing 

    The retreat schedule will be full of group activities, yoga practices, and meals.  We also make sure there is free time for you to relax and be alone. 

The time for compassion is now. 

                                                                                                                        ~ HH the Dali Lama

Last year taught us that you never know what the future holds. The only thing we can do is listen to what our heart needs right now. You deserve to feel WHOLE now.

  • Sign up now - Only 1 Spot Left

    The retreat is limited to 11 people + teachers and hosts.

Mavens Haven Lucile, Idaho


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