Cultivate Compassion for Yourself and Find Peace in Your Mind and Relationships

This 4 week online course will teach you to connect to yourself so you can open your heart and cultivate lasting inner peace. 


Infuse your life with loving energy and learn tools for healing and growth. You are worth it!

The Inbody Compassion Course can heal your mind, body and spirt. 

Compassion makes healing a journey that is interesting and even exciting! Are you ready to journey INBODY?

  • Learn a simple model that will keep you connected to a Divine state of being. 

  • Gain insight with stories about the deeper meaning of suffering to awaken your heart.

  • Unlock your creative power with affirmations and open to the sacred vibrations of mantra.

  • Release toxic energy and stress with yoga and meditation. Shift your energy field and cultivate patience for yourself and others. 

Meet your guides and teachers Jon & Elizabeth Kittell. 


Lisa Atkinson

Physical Therapist & Mom

These lessons calmed my heart and soul so I could be more open.  I learned specific tools to deal with stress and distorted thinking.  The lessons were easy to follow and I felt like I was in the same room. I now know I'm on the right track for a life changing year ahead.  Thank you for creating a beautiful and safe space for me to explore myself and find peace in my mind, body and realationships.

C. S.

2021 Participant

Thank you for the incredibly meaningful experience. It was truly life changing for me! My perspective has shifted and the new tools about compassion (for self and others) were so helpful in shifting my limiting beliefs and gave me the permission to really practice self compassion at a particularly challenging time in my life.  I am so grateful for the peace and hope this experience have given me. 

Carrie Behrends

Occupational Therapist 

The compassion lessons and loving energy from Elizabeth and Jon brought so much healing to my life. I have opened my heart and felt such a big shift. This approach is very different for me and is so powerful. After I lost my husband I thought life would always be 'just fine'. I am finding myself again and feel so great!  If you are considering this course, don't wait because it is worth it.

Frequently asked questions

Can I watch the videos whenever?

Do long do I have access? 

Do I need to any equipment? 

What if I am new to yoga? 

Will I learn to meditate? 

How much time does this take?

Compassion is the Way ... 

  • Lifetime Access to Course

    All videos are recorded with supplemental material and assignments. 

  • Certificate of Completion Community Connection on Facebook

    Feel support of your teachers and the others on the path of love and light. 

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